Ishka Investing in Aviation Finance: Japan

Sep 11 - Sep 12, 2024






Ishka Investing in Aviation Finance: Japan

11 - 12 September, Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Connecting Japanese investors to the world of aviation finance

Join Ishka for the 6th year of the only aviation finance event dedicated to Japanese regional banks, institutional investors, airlines, and the international aviation finance community. Experience unrivalled content and networking opportunities as we explore emerging opportunities in the evolving aviation finance landscape. On 11 September, enjoy our investor masterclass, icebreaker drinks, and regional sake tasting. Then, dive into the main conference on 12 September for insightful discussions and strategic connections. Don't miss out on this premier event. Book your place today. 

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• Eelco van de Stadt, President, PK AirFinance
• Robert Neal, Chief Financial Officer, Allegiant Air
• Bobby Janagan, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls Royce & Partners Finance

Japan's leading investor event for aviation finance

Day 1 – Pre-conference highlights

In-depth investor workshop
Offsite networking activity (to be announced!)
Icebreaker drinks reception

Day 2 – Main conference key topics

Getting to Net Zero
. How are airlines and lessors progressing with climate targets? Are financial institutions changing their approach to aviation?
The Investor Perspective
. What is the current the risk appetite for JOL & JOLCO investors? Are they looking at new opportunities in aviation?
Getting technical
. Have supply chain issues been resolved in aviation? Where are the opportunities in the aircraft-scarce market?

Key international speakers for 2024

• Eelco van de Stadt, President, PK AirFinance
• Robert Neal, Chief Financial Officer, Allegiant Air
• Bobby Janagan, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls Royce & Partners Finance


"Ishka Japan is one of the most useful conferences, with professional views of various top Japanese players. I am looking forward to this conference next year again." – Head of Aviation & Structured Finance, APAC, Societe Generale (2023 attendee)

"Valuable because few aviation conferences are held in Japan. This event has various workshops, and a smaller number of attendees which makes this event distinguishable and unique." – Executive Officer, Chishima Aviation Management Co. (2023 attendee)

"Thanks to Dean, Noriko-san and Eddy for the great support during the event. It always feels great at Ishka events! Great networking, and we all could feel the market more active this year." – Sales Director APAC - Commercial Aviation, Embraer (2023 attendee)

"I could learn the updates of aviation topics and aircraft and good to network so I could meet peers I was unable to meet during Covid-19." – General Manager, SBI Leasing Services (2023 attendee)

"It was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. I felt the investors' appetite higher than expected during the event." – Director & Chairman, Willis Mitsui & Co (2023 attendee)

"Interesting mix of speakers and attendees from across the aviation finance industry. Good opportunity for networking." – Area Manager, Eastern Japan, Singapore Airlines (2023 attendee)

"Well organised event which was well attended by the Japanese aviation investor and financing community." – Partner, Bellinger Aviation (2023 attendee)

"Great event to understand market dynamics, connect with industry experts and explore business opportunities." – SVP Marketing, PK AirFinance (2023 attendee)

"Great opportunity to meet the people financially supporting green aviation." – Senior Manager, Fuel Group, Japan Airlines (2023 attendee)

"Good event and great opportunity to make new business connections." – Sales Director, AFG Aviation Ireland (2023 attendee)

"One of the best places to and grow your business. The regional sake tasting was very interesting." – Senior Director, JP Lease (2023 attendee)

"A great opportunity to understand the latest topics in the aviation industry.” – Specialty Finance Division, SBI Shinsei Bank (2023 attendee)

"I'm glad I learned about the challenges to reducing carbon dioxide in the aviation industry." – Advisor, The Iyo Bank (2023 attendee)

"Great event." – Advisor, SBI Leasing Services Co. (2023 attendee)



DEI & Sustainability

Ishka is committed to deliver an international portfolio of events which is environmentally sustainable, economically and socially responsible and to play our part to pave the way for diversity, equity and inclusion within aviation finance. As such, we are eager to facilitate and promote diversity of culture, gender, age, orientation and experience at our events both as speakers and delegates.


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